Cool for the Summer: Summer Beauty Tips

I’m going to be brutally honest: I can’t stand the summer. I know it’s an unpopular sentiment, and I’m sure I’ll get flack for this, but I believe I’ve given the season a fair chance. As soon as the mercury hits 68 degrees I’m sweating, my makeup is falling off and I’m truly not in the mood to move. While I personally think the entire three months should be a mandatory holiday, there’s still work to be done, events to attend and people to see. So, how do you hold it together despite the sun’s glare? I have a few tips to keep you cool for the summer.

Here’s my disclaimer: I have very oily, very acne-prone skin. What works me may not work for you. This is my solution for the rare occasion I venture outside.


Every beauty guru worth their weight in gold will tell you they switch to cream products during the summer, and I don’t blame them! They sink right into warmed up skin, creating a softer and more relaxed look. If your makeup typically slides during the day, try setting your cream or liquid products with a matching powder product for the perfect balance. Set your BB cream (or full-coverage foundation, no judgement) with translucent powder or powder foundation and a fluffy powder brush. It also works well with cream blush and bronzer. I love dusting NYX’s Powder Blush in Cinnamon (discontinued) over the brand’s Rouge Cream Blush in Orange.


If you’re not already setting your makeup with a setting spray now’s the time to pop into Sephora and pick up a travel-size Urban Decay All Nighter. I’m convinced this stuff is made out of unicorn tears; nothing budges! I try to save this trick for days when I’m working an event or have a date that requires some outdoor activity. I also like to whip out my travel-sized MAC Fix + and give my entire face a good spritz when the air is heavy and humid.


A good setting spray will prevent T-zone shine a little longer than normal, but it won’t keep the oil at bay for the entire day. Take a look in my handbag right now and you’ll find about half a dozen used blotting sheets. Yes, that’s gross, but it shows you how often I blot in a single day. If you’ve always struggled with very oily skin, a blotting sheet is a must-have. I stock up on the Clean & Clear sheets you find in almost every drugstore in America, but I’ve been known to dab a Starbucks napkin across my nose, chin and forehead. Whatever works  for you, do it!


This sounds very dorky, but I swear by my phone fan. I bought one at a local boutique for a weekend trip and now I won’t leave my house without it. You’ll feel a bit weird the first few times you whip this bad boy out, but you’ll soon get over it when everyone else is miserable and you have a steady stream of cool air hitting your face as you scroll through your Instagram feed. It’s been the best eight dollars I’ve spent all year and I guarantee you won’t regret picking one up.

Cool for the Summer Subtitle 5.png

Not to sound like your mother, but you’re definitely not drinking enough water. I’ve been trying to drink three litres of water a day for about a month. While I can only chug one or two liters on a typical day, I feel much better than I normally do in the summer. We’ve all heard the miraculous benefits of drinking more water throughout the day, and while I can’t advocate for most of them, I do feel less drained than I have in past summers. I fill up this adorable one liter bottle with ice water first thing in the morning and stays cold until noon. I try to get a few cold sips in before my morning coffee and to lower my body temperature. I also fill it up whenever I have lunch and that will last me the rest of the day if I’m not paying attention.

Those are my tricks! I hope they’ll help you beat the heat. What are your summer tricks? How do you keep cool when the temperature’s this unbearable?



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