Three Ways to Indulge this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day kicks off the season of love in the states, which can be really tough for those without someone to share it with. The average age for marriage steadily increases, which is how I’m justifying the fact that I’m still single. The truth is that, between juggling a challenging career and attempting to adult, there’s no time to date! Being single on a day dedicated to couples in love can make you feel especially lonely and morose. Instead of sulking over a bottle of wine and Love Actually, you should treat yourself to some QT.

Chocolate on a regular basis should be standard at this point, so I’ll dispense with the cliche gifts and give you three ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy of Tara Angkor Hotel

Couple’s Massage
Ok, this may sound weird, but a couple’s massage is the best way to get over the Valentine’s Day blues. It’s hard to feel sad when you’re being pummeled into a relaxed submission with your bestie. Indulging in a spa day with a guy- or girl-friend will keep your mind pre-occupied and your limbs loose.. You can usually get a discount on massages for V-Day and some spas toss in a bottle of champagne and a batch of chocolate-covered strawberries. Book  that 90-minute Thai massage you’ve been dying to try and g. Just remember not to moan too loudly.

Courtesy of Aaron Burden

Write a Love Letter
When’s the last time you’ve said something nice about the people you hold close? Now,when’s the last time you said something nice about yourself? We tend to be quick to compliment others, to forgive others, but hold ourselves accountable for every little mistake. We are our own harshest critics and that can affect our work, our romantic lives and our relationships with others. It’s time to cut yourself some slack and show yourself some love. Pull out your fanciest stationery and write about the three things you LOVE about you. Go into detail. Gush about yourself. It’ll feel a bit weird, but it’s an important to remind yourself of how wonderful you are. For bonus feels, hand the letter over to a trusted friend or relative and have them mail it to you on a random day.

woman-hikingTake a Hike
If you’re seriously over the couple photos and hand holding in restaurants, this is the perfect time to unplug and relax. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been meaning to go tech-free for a weekend, but get sucked into Instagram and Kardashian Snapcast stories. Stop procrastinating, grab a good book, climb a mountain and sit in silence for a few hours. I haven’t done it in about a year, but I used to love taking 30-minute walks. The first five minutes are usually spent focusing on how uncomfortable I feel, but I soon hone-in on the beautiful sight of the river. It’s also the only time I stop to look up at the sky, and it’s beautiful. You’ll enjoy the exercise and I doubt you’ll find any love bugs crawling around on the 14th!
No matter the relationship status on Facebook, you are a fabulous creature worthy of love. Don’t wait for a man to treat you right. Treat yo self!


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