What I Ate Wednesday!

In case you didn’t know: I LOVE food. Though I’d love to look like Gisele Bündchen (or any Victoria’s Secret model for that matter), I find it incredibly hard to give up cheese, bread and sugar. Let’s face it, it’s the only thing that’s fueling this chic mess!

Since I’m always in the middle of a failing “lifestyle change,” I thought I should find a way to make myself more accountable by showing the world what a typical woman eats in a day. I’m not going to lie, for the sake of “What I Eat Wednesday,” I made a serious effort to eat healthier, but, as you’ll see, sometimes you just have to say “f*ck it, yes I have room for dessert!” So, my lovely readers, here’s #WhatIAte today.

After having the incredibly Cafe Con Miel (mentioned in my March favorites) I made a sad attempt to recreate the drink at home. I wasn’t a huge fan, but this was breakfast for the day!

Coffee 1 Edited - April 6

I started my day a little late, so lunch was only a couple of hours away. I had a daddy-daughter meal at Cantina Laredo, where we feasted on salsa, queso and two amazing entrées. In an attempt to be somewhat healthy, I opted for the Relleno de Hongos. I ruined that sad attempt with the Mexican Apple Pie, which was, as our waiter put it, “a slice of heaven on earth.” We were so enamored with the sizzling brandy butter and cinnamon ice cream that I forgot to catch a photo before we dug in, but I did manage to capture the aftermath!

From there I had some work to finish, so, of course I had more coffee….

Coffee 2 - April 6

After a couple of hours I started to get cabin fever and had a bit of studying to do, so I went to a sculpture park near my house… with more coffee…

Coffee 3 - April 6

Of course all of that studying and coffee made me hungry so I whipped up some tacos! My tacos are never cute, but they’re pretty damn tasty! I also avoid vegetables on unhealthy food at all costs. Why ruin the experience!?

Want to see what I eat on Wednesdays in real-time? Add me to Snapchat. To see all of the glorious crap I put in my body any other day, follow me on Instagram. I’m ChicMessLu on all social media platforms!


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