March 2016 Favorites

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There have been quite a few major changes in my life this month. I quit my job, got a lot of sleep and found a new purpose.

Though I’ve turned my life upside down this month’s favorites kept me sane, happy and perfectly polished.

Beauty Favorites

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande

The entire world is in love with this concealer and I am no exception. It’s hard for women of color to find concealers and foundations that match their skin tone. I have yellow and red undertones that make finding a perfect color match a near-impossible feat. On top of that, I have sensitive, acne-prone skin that prevents me from using many foundation and concealer formulas. So, when I find a formula and shade that matches my skin I do a mini dance to the gods and purchase a few backups.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - Amande

Nars created a thick and creamy concealer that covers years of acne scarring and dark undereye circles in seconds. I’m a firm believer in going light on “no makeup” days and often dab this incredibly pigmented miracle worker on problem areas instead of wearing foundation.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted

I like my soft, gooey center covered with hard, rock-inspired accents, which means my nail polish collection is overrun with greys, deep purples and bold brights. This month I took a step out of my comfort zone with a pretty pastel purple that made me rethink my hard candy coating. The color payoff is amazing after one coat and flawless after two. Elegantly Wasted is the perfect shade to help any badass transition into a spring chicken.


The color is much deeper than most pastel purples you run into with just the slightest hint of grey. I’m obsessed with the brand’s cheeky branding and shade names that remind of you of the precocious quips of jetsetting trust fund brats. I’m slightly obsessed with Game Changer, What’s a Budget?, and $12 Latte (which I imagine to be the ultimate fashion-girl shade).

Foodie Favorites

Mugs Cafe

I recently found an amazing local coffee shop with just the right amount of cool kid vibes. Mugs Cafe in North Little Rock has an incredibly airy space that manages to feel lively while remaining quiet enough to focus. The space is long and narrow without being claustrophobic. The exposed brick, clean white walls and cool art installation of the world (made from reclaimed wood) is hipster modern without being overdone. The atmosphere and crowd reeks “I have ‘it’ but I’m too cool to call myself an ‘it girl’,” which is perfect for any Chic Mess.

But, let’s not forget the coffee! I drink more coffee than a Gilmore and I’ve never tasted anything as heavenly as their Cafe Con Miel. It’s hearty dose of honey and generous sprinkle of cinnamos is the perfect blend of sweet and spice. I dragged my not-so-snooty friend there a few days later and he devoured their french toast while I had a super-strong cortado in a ridiculously cute mug. 


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is my meaty, cheesy, greasy love from Wendy’s: the baconator. Let’s not judge, I know it’s an incredibly unhealthy sandwich from a sometimes-questionable restaurant, but when I see that “drive-thru” sign I have to pull in.

I’ve never been a big fan of mayo until I tasted it mixed with ketchup and spread over a warm bun. I’ve vowed that my diet (and the waistline dependant on that diet) cannot afford a meal so packed in calories, so I must ignore the Wendy’s drive-thru for a while, but it was an amazing love affair while it lasted.

Movie Favorites

Iris by Albert Maysle

I’ve been a distant fan of the sweet old lady bedecked in what appears (to the untrained the eye) to be every piece of jewelry she owns for ages. I’ve never looked into her story or read about her success, but this documentary was mentioned in a fashion podcast and I had to see what the fuss was about. I’m always a fan of strong, powerful stories of women who fought their way into the industry.


Her style is a little more eclectic than my personal taste, but her drive and determination to surround herself with pieces she absolutely loves is inspiring. She has a great eye for layering and mixing patterns and her husband is absolutely adorable. Iris amassed a fortune with her well-cultivated sense of interior design and turned her personal style into an industry icon.

The fashion industry is largely thought of as a conglomerate of fluff companies run by an oligarchy of pompous, naturally gorgeous women at the helm. The reality is the industry of non conventional beauties who view fashion as a form of self expression and art. Iris’ story is an exemplary example of what the industry stands for and all it has to offer.

Well, enough about me. Let’s talk about you! What are you in love with? What movies should I watch? Tweet me @ChicMessLu.


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