4 Tricks to Looking Like You Have it Together

We all have those tough mornings –  or in my case, weeks – where we just can’t get it together. You wake up with plenty of time to get ready, read the news and have a cup of coffee only to find yourself scrambling to slap on a presentable face and get dressed in 20 minutes. Or you simply just don’t feel your best. I’ve started the nasty habit of waking up an hour before I’m supposed to be out of the door, which is not conducive with the hour and a half it takes for me to deem everything in my wardrobe to small or too ugly before slipping into a pair of black pants, a loose black top and my black pumps. Whether you’re just lazy or truly on a time crunch, there are a few things you can do to help you look like you have your life together when you really don’t. Here are my five tips:

Maintain Your Nails and Eyebrows
You can let every other aspect of your grooming routine fall to the wayside, but for the love of all things holy keep your standing eyebrow appointment. Well defined eyebrows will do wonders. I’ve always been envious of the girls who can make sweats look chic and I’ve finally figured out their secret. Other than an out-of-this-world body that, let’s face it, few people can maintain with a demanding full-time job, their eyebrows are always. on. fleek. It truly transforms their face and makes you look pulled together with the most minimal makeup routine.

The same goes for your nails. I live in the south and one thing I’ve noticed about southern women is no matter how high- or low-maintenance they are, their nails are done. Besides, you’ll get a mood boost when you look down at a fresh coat of paint in a boring meeting.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on manis every week. I file my nails into a squoval shape and slap on base coat, a coat of whatever colors are in season (or a trusty nude) and a top coat once a week and I swear I feel like a high class lady after my at-home manicure. I’ve even gotten compliments from a group of pageant girls!

Earrings, watch, ring. That’s all you need. Something about the glint of metal makes it seem like you took the time to think about your appearance when you honestly grabbed the staples you keep next to your keys on your way out the door. It can be a basic pair of studs and a simple gold band on your ring finger. I wear the same watch every day and layer bracelets with it to switch things up. Having a couple of dainty staples is a great way to look chic on a budget. Etsy has some amazing finds, like the midi rings, initial necklace and dainty dot bracelet below.

Throw on a Blazer
Blazers are my absolute favorite. Nothing takes a simple tee or a sundress to the next level like a sharp blazer. Keep one in your office for impromptu client meetings or add one to your weekend outfit to make brunch with the in-laws a little more special! I personally love my blazers relaxed with the sleeves pushed up like the Asos piece, oversized and “boyfriend” material like this gorgeous Top Shop number, or artfully oversized like this great find from Forever 21.

Sunnies – Rain or Shine
Anna Wintour. Andre Leon Talley. Every celebrity that has ever graced this planet. Nothing says “boss babe” like a huge pair of sunglasses. If the eyes are the windows to your soul, sunnies are the drapes that keep the nosy neighbors out. People make a lot of snap decisions about others based on their appearance. Throw on a pair of oversized blacked-out frames and you instantly appear mysterious, aloof and distant. I’m obsess with the Tom Ford Luchos and this gorgeous pair from Coach.



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